AWOLNATION Megalithic Symphony
available now
Megalithic Symphony
available now
released: 03/15/2011


Tuesday October 29, 2013
AWOLNATION has announced they will release a newly expanded 2-CD Limited Edition Deluxe package of their blockbuster debut album Megalithic Symphony on November 19, 2013 via Red Bull Records. The Megalithic Symphony Limited Edition Deluxe package features 32-tracks and couples the original studio album on disc one, with disc two containing rarities like the latest single THISKIDSNOTALRIGHT, Some Kind of Joke and Everybody's Got A Secret; b-sides including I've Been Dreaming and fan-favorite MF; live tracks; and remixes by the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Borgore, Dan The Automator and Robert DeLong. The special boxed set bundle also includes an official AWOLNATION jacket patch as well as a limited edition AWOLNATION surf wax comb. Pre-orders for the package are now being taken at: and at iTunes.

AWOLNATION recently wrapped an extensive two-year world tour in support of Megalithic Symphony and are now in the studio to begin work on the highly anticipated follow up full-length album slated for release in 2014. The band recently issued a new single titled "THISKIDSNOTALRIGHT," which is included on the Megalithic Symphony Limited Edition Deluxe, and is impacting at radio now. View the band's unique new lyric video for the track online:

Originally released in March 2011, Megalithic Symphony has held a number of long-running, major Billboard chart positions including 119 weeks on Billboard 200 and 45 weeks on Heatseekers Albums Chart - hitting #1 seven separate times in 2012. The album is certified gold in Canada and is well on its way to gold certified sales of 500,000 in the U.S.

Charting three Top 10 singles from their debut, AWOLNATION's juggernaut "Sail" made its first Billboard chart appearance on February 19, 2011 before working its way up and peaking at #5 on the Alternative Songs chart that summer and #4 Rock Songs. The song has now been on the Hot 100 for over a year, successfully crossed over from rock to pop (currently Top 20 Pop hit) breaking Billboard records along the way. The worldwide smash single is now officially 4X Platinum in the U.S and additionally has been certified 6X platinum in Norway 5X platinum in Canada, 3X platinum in Sweden, platinum in Australia and New Zealand, as well as gold in Austria and Switzerland. Follow up singles "Not Your Fault" and "Kill Your Heroes" were successful in their own right, hitting #3 and #7 at Alternative and Top 20 at Rock respectively, while becoming huge sing-along fan favorites at live shows.


CD 1
1. Megalithic Symphony
2. Some Sort of Creature
3. Soul Wars
4. People
5. Jump On My Shoulders
6. Burn It Down
7. Guilty Filthy Soul
8. Kill Your Heroes
9. My Nightmare's Dream
10. Sail
11. Wake Up
12. Not Your Fault
13. All I Need
14. Knights of Shame

CD 2
2. Some Kind Of Joke
3. Everybody's Got A Secret
4. Soul Wars (Live Version)
5. MF
6. Swinging From The Castles
7. I've Been Dreaming
8. Shoestrings
9. Not Your Fault (Robert De Long Remix)
10. People (Thomas From Ghostland Observatory Remix)
11. Burn It Down (Innerpartysystem Remix)
12. Guilty Filthy Soul (Samantha Ronson Remix featuring Walé)
13. Jump On My Shoulders (Thomas From Ghostland Observatory Remix)
14. Sail (Borgore Pop The Sweating I'm Sailing Remix)
15. Sail (Dan The Automator Remix)
16. Sail (Feed Me Remix)
17. Sail (TDE Remix Featuring Kendrick Lamar & Ab Soul)
18. Sail (Unlimited Gravity Remix)

For more information visit AWOLNATION online:
Wednesday April 3, 2013
AWOLNATION have just premiered a new song titled "THISKIDSNOTALRIGHT" over at RollingStone. The song will be featured in the new video game Injustice: Gods Among Us which is available everywhere April 16th. The soundtrack is available digitally April 16th, with the CD arriving a week after on April 23rd. Fans can pre-order the soundtrack on iTunes here.

Debut album Megalithic Symphony, which features the hit "Sail", can be purchased on iTunes.

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Tuesday March 5, 2013
In anticipation of their upcoming Spring tour with Blondefire and Mother Mother, AWOLNATION have released a tour sampler featuring the song "All I Need" as well as tracks from Blondefire and Mother Mother. The sampler can be downloaded for free here:

The band have also released a tour trailer that features music from all three bands and features complete dates for the tour. Watch the trailer here:

Debut album Megalithic Symphony, which features the hit "Sail", can be purchased on iTunes.

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Hit singles are great, but for every real artist the dream when they go into the studio is to make music that reaches people, songs that strike a deep chord and resonates with audiences well after the track ends.

For Aaron Bruno, the architect of white-hot new rockers AWOLNATION, hearing that his brilliant Megalithic Symphony has achieved that lofty ambition with anyone is the greatest reward of the success the band is enjoying now. “There’s a good amount of word of mouth stuff going on with this record where I meet fans after the show and they’re like, ‘Oh man, I hadn’t heard of you guys and my friend turned me on and it’s my favorite record in the last 10 years,’” Bruno says. “People are saying stuff like that to me, which is obviously the goal and it blows my mind.”

To make that connection you need two things, the first being a hit song that brings fans into the music. AWOLNATION has that with the unlikeliest of radio successes, “Sail,” a dark, infectious tale of angst with an unmistakable and unforgettable hook where Bruno wails at some point, “Maybe I should cry for help/Maybe I should kill myself/So blame it on my A.D.D. baby.”

As we said not a likely radio hit. In fact, Bruno is as surprised as anyone by the success of “Sail.” “It has been charting and still climbing, but it was never intended to be a song that was on the radio,” he says. “I think I just struck a nerve in people and caused a visceral reaction with the sort of the nursery rhyme aspect of the melody and how simple it is.”

The second ingredient for a lasting impression is originality, something that stands apart from the banality of top 40 radios and dares to speak to people’s true feelings, both musically and lyrically. Bruno has definitely done that with Megalithic Symphony, an album whose uniqueness is evident right from the ambitious title and carries on throughout the 14-song collection.

From the opening title piece, a mishmash of computerized sounds and keyboards that culminates with a robotic voice calling out the band’s name twice, and the following 22-second sound bite, “Some Sort Of Creature,” Bruno invites fans in on a journey into his musical Wonderland. And it is a dizzying soundscape, one that moves from the frenetic paces of the hook-laden “Soul Wars” and the vaguely Nine Inch Nails-esque “Burn It Down” to the engaging upbeat feel-good dance hooks of “People,” a song that begins with Bruno thanking fans for listening and saying, “I am grateful for this,” and the hard grind of “Kill Your Heroes,” a song who vivid imagery starts with Bruno singing, “Well, I met an old man dying on a train/No more destination, no more pain/Well he said one thing before I graduate/Never let your fear decide your fate.”

Among the tracks that fans are picking up lyrically the most are the soul/pop gem “Not Your Fault” and the more than 12-minute closer, “Knights Of Shame,” which informs listeners from the outset, “Dance, baby, dance, like the world is ending.”

For Bruno, that fans are picking up on that song is as gratifying as the success of “Sail.” “A lot of people seem to know that whole thing and that was like the most fun time of my life making that song,” he says. “And when we play it live it’s so enjoyable, so I’m stoked that people are into it.” Like “Not Your Fault” “Knights” is an amalgam of styles, something that bridges techno, soul, a lullaby feel, rock, rap, and pop into one 21st-century anthem. That much diversity in one song can blow the minds of an industry still used to the compartmentalized mentality of the 20th century record stores where every genre had its own bin.

But you won’t pigeonhole Bruno into one style of music. “I like so much music. I love old country music, I love a lot of kind of silly pop stuff, I love all hip hop, all different eras, obviously metal, punk rock, indie rock, there’s no one genre that I love more than another one. So I think that comes through in the music,” he says.

That does lead to some memorable, occasionally confusing, and very flattering descriptions. “I’ll talk to one person and they’ll go, ‘I hear Nine Inch Nails meets Aretha Franklin.’ I’m like, ‘That’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard. How does that even make sense?’” he asks. “I’ve heard the Nirvana comparisons, Nirvana meets Outkast meets Prince, that’s a comparison I love obviously.”

All of those artists have achieved the dream that Bruno has been striving for since he started making music. “It’s always been a goal of mine to make that special record people remember as sort of like a landmark in time.” With Megalithic Symphony Aaron Bruno has proven that he is the unique talent that can make that dream come true.